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Regulations for the Use of Courts

BREAK POINT has 2 tennis courts and 3 pickleball courts, for which the following rules are established for their use.


The use of the courts is for any visitor. The cost per hour is per person and will depend on whether or not you have an active membership. Each membership is individual and non-transferable.


Users and families who use the courts must maintain cordiality and good behavior at all times. Within the rules of conduct we can mention:

to. Respect and courtesy towards others (players, coaches, field managers, ball boys, visitors, staff, etc.)
b. Do not spit or shout foul and obscene words.
c. Do not hit the court, net, chairs, tables, walls; intentionally.
d. Wait for the point to end if you need to go down the court.
and. It is not allowed to enter the courts with food or alcoholic beverages.


For your safety, and for the care of the fields, it is necessary and mandatory to practice these sports with the appropriate clothing. At a minimum: T-shirt, shorts or pants and tennis shoes for the court.


to. The use of the courts without said clothing is not permitted.
b. The use of shoes whose soles could stain the courts is not permitted.


Court reservations can be made in two ways:

  • Online Reservation: through the Break Point website. This type of reservation is only available for users with membership.

  • Whatsapp or phone call: anyone can make a reservation (subject to availability) through one of these means.

NOTE: If the website has a malfunction, reservations can be made through
whatsapp or phone call.

The waiting time for a reservation is 15 minutes. After that time the reservation will be canceled and the court can be used by another user.

Reservation cancellation: Reservations can only be canceled 3 hours before the requested reservation, and reservations for the 6:00, 7:00 and 8:00 shifts will have to be canceled the day before. All reservations that are not canceled on time will have penalties:
to. If you do not cancel and do not attend twice, your right to reserve will be blocked for one week.
b. If you do not cancel and attend a third time, your right to reserve will be blocked for two more weeks.


to. All reservations made by the user must be respected. Non-attendance and/or late cancellation will result in a fine of Q100.00 if done a second time in the same month.
b. If any player does any damage to the surface of the court, they must pay for the damages caused, and the player will be suspended from the right to play until payment is made.


  • The use of the courts is at the user's expense and risk. Break Point assumes no responsibility, reserving the right to charge the user for damage intentionally caused to the courts and their accessories.

  • Medical expenses caused by any injury suffered by users of the courts must be covered directly by the user. Break Point is not responsible for injuries suffered when using the courts.

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